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In this age of technology; the internet and social media platforms have taken over every aspect of our life. The youth comprise 50% of India's 462 mn internet users and thus are the most vulnerable targets of the evils of Cyber Crime. As the complexity of the internet increases; so do the incidents of Cybercrime. The adolescents are the worst hit. #WeFightCC is an initiative by the Pune Police that aims at equipping schools and students to deal with cybercrime. This initiative aspires to educate more than 1,000 schools and 20,000 students on raising awareness and suggesting methods to deal with the evils of this new menace.

#WeFightCC, is the first initiative of its kind in the state of Maharashtra. Various organizations such as C-Dac, Google, and Career Corner are involved in the large-scale implementation of this program.

  • 500+
    Institutes in Pune
  • 20,000+
  • 1000+

Weekly Contest

The weekly quiz contest has been designed to raise awareness about the menace of cybercrime while still keeping the knowledge and exchange fun! A winner will be declared each week out of the correct entries on the on Pune Police and Cyber Crime social media platforms. In addition to this, 1 person with maximum correct answers who has participated in all the questions will also get a trophy from Pune Police. You can take part in this weekly contest by clicking on the link below.

School Participation

The participation by various schools is one of the most important steps in order to raise awareness about the ill-effects of cybercrime. The participation by schools will not only lead to dissemination of knowledge but it will also equip them to prepare themselves against a possible threat. The representatives of the #WeFightCC initiative will train the teachers themselves so that they can in turn educate their pupils about the devastating effects if this phenomenon. This will ensure that we always stay two steps ahead of the cyber criminals and defeat the evil of cyber crime.

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